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The 4-Year curriculum Planning Statement of the Accounting Information Department in 2016


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Graduate qualifications:

Total credits for graduation: 136 (16 school-regulated required common credits, 10 school-regulated elective common credits, 14 general education credits, and 96 professional course credits)


  1. 16 school-regulated required common credits (the 4 credits of Physical Education and the 2 credits of Service Education are not counted as credits for graduation).

  2. 10 school-regulated elective common credits (students can choose to take any of the elective common courses; however, among all the elective common courses, only 2 credits the most from National Defense, Physical Education III, and Physical Education IV courses each can be counted as credits for graduation).

  3. 14 general education credits: 6 general education required credits (including Methods on Thinking, Introduction to Nature Sustention, and Introduction to Social Science courses) and 8 general education elective credits (4 courses in total, at least 1 course on humanity and 1 course on science).

  4. 96 professional course credits: 79 required professional credits and 17 required elective credits).

Students are offered the following 4 programs: Accounting Management Program, Tax Act Program, Information Technology Program, and Financial Management Program.